DuVall graduate award recipient

In recognition of my contributions to the MSU MMG department (namely during my time running the graduate student workshop and my years as MMG’s recruiting officer), teaching/outreach, and general awesomeness I was chosen to receive the DuVall award from MSU and the DuVall family.

The award itself is quite an honor,  and I’m very glad to receive it.  It isn’t often that scholarships like these are given out for non-science achievements, and to see my extracurricular activities being appreciated is quite rewarding.

So, thanks to the DuVall family, MSU, and my bosses Dr. Reguera and Dr. Kashefi (pictured) for everything.

And a reward for you, my dear readers…a picture of me looking doofy in front of a crowd of MSU friends, colleagues, and faculty:


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