Resources for writing good clicker questions to promote discussion (links!)

I was recently approached to join a team writing ‘discussion-promoting clicker questions and activities’ for a new microbiology textbook.  It sounded like a fantastic opportunity, so I jumped on it.  Getting in some practice now will undoubtedly make me a better instructor when I land a job.

I did some digging around the internet and found the following links to read through.  I won’t feign that I have any expertise in the field (yet), so I’ll just be posting the links here as a repository for myself and anyone else looking to improve their clicker questions beyond low-level memorization questions.

So, here we go:

“Writing Good Clicker Questions” – from Wisconsin Madison (not much detailed explanation here, but some links to iClicker training videos)
Video:  “Writing Great Clicker Questions for Science Courses” by Matt Evans (see “recorded sessions” on the left)
UW-Milwaukee’s “Getting started” page
“Writing Effective Clicker Questions” from the University of Iowa
A nice guide from the University of Colorado system – “Clicker Resource Guide”
“Writing Great Clicker Questions” by Dr. Stephanie Chasteen find her at @sciencegeekgirl on Twitter
“How can you make a “good” clicker question GREAT?” by Dr. Stephanie Chasteen (again)
“Opening your eyes to new types of clicker questions” by Dr. Stephanie Chasteen (again again)

Lots of good links from the Colorado schools, I hope I can find someone to work with out there!

Did I miss any good information/links? Let me know here or on my Twitter and I’ll continue to update this page.


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