Curriculum Development

Here I’ll put hard-links to pieces of curriculum that I developed or helped to develop.  These can include any labs that write, in-class activities that I develop, or assessments that I fashion.  I will hopefully remember to note if I base these pieces on any existing materials or if it is 100% me.  If I manage to assess the efficacy of these pieces I’ll upload them after my original post.

  • BS 171 – Final exam and lab exam  –  Not really worthy of a post in-and-of itself, but I did them so I should talk about them.  These were mostly based on previous exams that were provided to us by Dr. Urbance.  As such they are not solely my creation.  An important thing I did learn during the design of these materials was the need to customize your assessments based on what you focused on in class.  As the course was designed for non-majors I did not stress the specifics of the assays, but more meta-analysis.  So, when designing the exams I avoided questions which focused on the specifics and made sure they understood the basic concepts and processes I attempted to convey.

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