Professional Development

This is a description of any professional experiences that I have undergone aimed at improving my teaching skills. These can include workshops, conference sessions on teaching or education, and coursework.

  • MMG302 Research Option Development – By working in conjunction with Dr. Marsh I was able to experience first-hand the excitement and frustration in developing new materials for a course.  I plan to continue my work with this Research Option in the future to see how it matures.
  • SME 870 – Teaching College Science –  This course, taught by the very knowledgeable Dr. Joyce Parker, is designed to provide post-graduate students with a legitimate base to begin their teaching experiences.  The official course information can be found here and I wrote a little about it in my blog over here.
  • Certification in Teaching College Science and Mathematics – College of Natural Science (Michigan State University) – This certification is granted to students who have completed the required coursework, workshops, and other requirements fulfilled within this website.  Pursuing this certification has provided me with a great foundation that I will gladly build upon in the future.  A full description of the certification program can be found here.

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