Teaching Evaluations

Here I’ll put up any helpful evaluations that I have received during my teaching experiences.

MMG 302 (Spring 2012-2013):

  • Mostly high scores with no real constructive criticism, I appear to be on the right track.  I need to figure out a way to get brutally honest feedback on my teaching instead of these “let’s give Mike all 4.0’s because he was fun.”  Yes, I’m fun, but am I doing a sufficient job of explaining concepts and key ideas to you?
  • Dr. Marsh received the following review in an email after the course ended.  Reviews like this really mean a lot and I’m glad that I’m able to balance being fun/approachable and still being an authority figure.  I try very hard to maintain that balance, it’s just so easy to fall on either side of that proverbial fence.  It’s also refreshing to hear that I’m able to teach the specifics but make sure I stress the core components:
    • “Second I wanted to say more about my TA, Mike. I’m sure you’ve heard this before, but Mike is absolutely fantastic as a teacher – his ability to challenge and motivate students is top-notch. He’s good at taking you right up to the edge, but making sure that you learn the most important aspects of the work for yourself so that it actually stays with you. He was also easily approached and fun to interact with, but not so much that it didn’t maintain the type of teacher-student relationship that I personally think is still necessary. Any type of promotion or raise or accolades or whatever he could receive for his job well done as TA would be deserved.”
  • Question:  Does anyone have tips for getting valuable feedback from your students?  Is it a matter of how the survey is discussed by the professor, or is it the survey itself?

BS 171 (Fall 2012-2013)

  • I don’t recall many comments from this course, but I do remember several students did not appreciate the amount of sarcasm that I introduce into the course.  I try to limit the sarcasm to personal conversations when I’m sure the student understands that I’m being sarcastic…but, this is one thing I must continue to work on.
  • One more comment that I remember having was that I was not clear on due-dates and requirements for the course.  I should have made a stronger attempt to get the lead-professor to provide the TAs with this information (there were major managerial problems within this course).  But, lesson learned – if it isn’t in your syllabus you must be explicit, repetitive, and traceable in informing your students of due dates and course requirements.

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