Teaching Experiences

This section is fairly self-explanatory,  I’ll post up anything that I do that will qualify as a teaching experience!

  • MMG 408 – Advanced Microbiology Lab – Working under Dr. Kazem Kashefi I was responsible for the supervision and instruction of his students during their laboratory time.  Grading and pre-laboratory lectures were my primary responsibilities over the semester besides ‘babysitting’ the students during lab time.  As the course was undergoing a regime change I helped re-evaluate the exercises being performed and their overall success and usefulness to the course.
  • MMG 302 – Introductory Microbiology Lab (2 Semesters) – Under Dr. Terence Marsh I was again responsible for supervision of students during their laboratory period, organizing the other teaching assistants, and providing pre-laboratory lectures to inform the students of their tasks within the laboratory period.  Additionally I have assisted Dr. Marsh in the re-evaluation of the laboratory manual. Which I wrote about over here.
  • BS 171 – Cell and Molecular Biology Lab – My only teaching experience outside of the MMG department was within the BioSci department under Dr. Urbance.  The course was unique within my experience as it entailed me running two laboratory sessions without ‘adult supervision’.  I was in charge of an undergraduate TA and all of my students.  I would provide a weekly recitation lecture (50 mins) covering the material for the following week and a small refresher lecture at the start of their lab period.  This was likely the most valuable teaching experience I have had here at MSU as it most closely emulated ‘the real thing’.  I learned how to give a successful lecture while balancing my expectations for grading with the topics and ideas I focused on in class.
  • MMG 302 – Research Option Development – Link here

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